Our Story

The story starts with two newly minted US college graduates who returned home to look for opportunities in India. At the time, the footwear industry looked promising since the Indian market was focused on manufacturing lower grade shoes.

What this meant was an untapped opportunity for locally-made, high-quality women’s footwear.

Our stop? Agra! The city of the Taj Mahal is also known for its master shoemakers. A chance meeting led us to an American shoe-dog. He knew the ropes and we had the grit, and thus began our journey into the world of shoes.

In a deserted mill (that had previously been home to a tribe of monkeys!) rented from an Italian Countess, with a single sewing machine and our passion to create something extraordinary — the first factory was born.

Our Product

Our shoes are produced in high grade leathers and are an amalgamation of international style with an Indian sensibility. Every collection is handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, no compromise on quality, and a promise of value for money.

We aim to bring affordable luxury to every woman's feet, quite literally.

Sandals, sneakers, boots, wedges, slippers, footbeds, ballerinas, moccasins — you name it, we make it! At the core of each style lies quality, authenticity and trend consciousness.

Our Customer

The Vanilla Moon woman is as fashionable as she is elegant. She is confident in her style and passionate about what she believes in. She supports her tribe and inspires those around her. She is known for making bold choices and lives life on her own terms. She loves her shoes as much as we enjoy making them for her. We adore her!

Our Impact

We believe that all leadership should be responsible and transformational. At Vanilla Moon we are committed to making an impact through socially conscious entrepreneurship.

We use the 5 ‘E’s —empathy, empowerment, equality, environment, and education — to pay it forward. Each initiative we support reflects one of these themes, aiming to play a small part in changing lives. Learn more…